Digna de Vries Robbé

Digna de Vries Robbé grew up in the seventies in Gorinchem, in a large family where, despite material prosperity, life wasn’t always easy. Digna formed, from a very early age on, a strong sense of self. In hindsight Digna has always focussed on people who are ‘outcast’ or otherwise in a difficult situation. She firmly believes in the beauty which is within every person. Her goal is to assist others in their quest for finding their own space and their real Self.
When people can really be authentic, everything flows and fits. Every human being is unique en so much more than the child of parents, influenced by environment and events. Every human being has an individuality, completely his or her own. When that individuality can be given space, people can connect to their passion, to that what makes them happy en and makes them live a more energetic life . Digna has two sons and a daughter.

(painting Thecla Renders)